Frequently Asked Questions
What is an Integration Broker (IB)?
How does an IB differ from a Gateway ?
What equipment is required to run the IB?
Which Host do I use to run an IB?
Is there an API available for 3rd Party Integration?
What are Integration Services and Licences?
Do I have to renew licences?
What do I need to make all this work?
Where do I purchase IB App and Service licences?
What happen after I make a purchase?
Do I need to program anything?
Where do I get assistance if I have problems?
Why are "Naming Conventions" important for Solutions for Integrators IB and integration?

Casambi  Integration to Dynalite/CBus/KNX

Casambi DIRECT integration to Dynalite/CBus/KNX?
How do I integrate Dynalite/CBus to Casambi using DALI?
Is Color and Tunable White control possible?
Why do we have to purchase only the Gateways recommended?
Setting up Casambi, Dynalite, Cbus, Dali and Gateways?
What happens if I want to make changes to either of the systems?