software solutions
for integrators

Are you a lighting systems integrator struggling to connect different systems from various vendors? You know how challenging it can be to find reliable software solutions that are scalable, high-quality, and easy to use. We understand your pain points, and that's why we created S4i Integration Broker. Our software solution makes it effortless to communicate between different systems, allowing multiple connections between multiple applications without requiring any coding.

With our software solution, you can focus on your integration endeavors and leave the technical details to us. We designed the S4i Integration Broker to cater to both the commercial and domestic markets, making it simple and easy to set up for integrators with relevant experience in the systems to be integrated.

The S4i Integration Broker solution bridges the gap between previously independent systems and makes integration easy. We are committed to providing integrators with the tools and support they need to succeed in their integration projects. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help streamline your system integration and make it an effortless and seamless process.

What we are best at

Designing software solutions for communication and connection problems that others find too difficult to tackle.
We make the process of Configuring, Mapping and Connecting as simple as it can be. Leaving you to get on with the job of integrating.
Help in every way possible to make our solutions work better for you.

The Market Integration Challenges
We have seen and experienced the numerous challenges that arise from using poor examples of gateways and drivers in the course of our work. Although the market contains many brilliant solutions, it also contains many poorly implemented solutions that fall short in terms of scalability, reliability, and coding quality.

Introducing the S4i Integration Broker solution
To tackle these integration challenges head-on, we have developed a software application that facilitates communication between lighting systems from different vendors that do not normally communicate with each other. Our software solution, the S4i Integration Broker, is a single solution that allows multiple connections between multiple applications by the use of licensed software modules.

Features of S4i Service Integrations:
          - Integration at the application-logic level without any coding required
           - Simultaneous running of multiple integration services
           - Scalability for expanding integration needs as and when required
           - On-premise solution, cloud-free operation
           - Compatible with a range of host processors and operating systems
           - API, BACnet,MQTT available for integration to BMS, controls systems inc. Crestron, etc
           - Easy to set up for integrators with relevant experience in the systems to be integrated

Serving the Commercial/Industrial and Domestic Markets
Designed to cater to both the commercial/industrial and domestic/starter integration markets, the S4i Integration Broker solution is suitable for use by suitably qualified integrators with experience in the systems to be integrated. With our software solution, we aim to revolutionize the integration market and make lighting integration an effortless and seamless process.